The Media Continues to Berate Bernie Sanders As He Draws Huge Crowd in Oakland

The Media Continues to Berate Bernie Sanders As He Draws Huge Crowd in Oakland

The media continues to berate Bernie Sanders for taking his campaign all the way to the Democratic National Convention with headlines like “Why Won’t Bernie Sanders Just Give Up Already?” However, his supporters continue to prove his relevance by showing up in droves to his rallies.

Bernie Sanders held a rally today in Oakland at the Frank Ogawa Plaza with conservative estimates counting attendance between 20,000 and 30,000 people. While some estimates go as high as 60,000 and claim the Oakland Police Department as a source, this does not seem verified and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless,this is particularly incredible given that the rally was competing with the Oakland-based team Golden State Warriors, who were in the midst of their 7th Game in the NBA playoffs.

The hashtag #BernieInOakland is currently trending on Twitter at over 30 thousand tweets in only a few hours.

Lines wound outside of the rally for several blocks, according to multiple accounts. Bernie supporters were peaceful, and unlike many Trump rallies, no clashes with the police were reported.

Anti-farming animal rights protesters stormed the stage during Bernie’s speech, displaying such signs as “Animal Liberation Now” and “Animal Rights Is Social Justice.” As soon as they hopped the barricade, they were quickly subdued and arrested by Secret Service members and led away peacefully.

Many were perplexed by the animal rights activists’ display, given that Bernie has received a 100% from the Humane Society Legislative Fund, one of the most respected animal rights organizations who work to pass animal protection laws at the state and federal level.

After calm was restored, Bernie responded, “We don’t get intimidated easily.”

Despite this momentary interruption, the Sanders rally largely felt more like an optimistic celebration of diversity and democracy than the aggressive “Bernie Bro” stereotype that the media continues to perpetuate. Bernie supporters from all races and faiths took to Twitter to express their excitement for their candidate, with supporters even throwing flowers onto the stage.

The California primary is on June 7, and if the consistently massive turnout at his rallies is any indication, Hillary Clinton may be in for a surprising defeat.

Meanwhile, Twitter users lamented the lack of mainstream media coverage for the event, which largely covered the interruption of the protester exclusively (if at all), barely mentioning the humongous, peaceful crowd that simply wanted to rally around their candidate.

Shortly after the rally, Sanders went to watch the Oakland Warriors / Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game, taking his seat just after halftime. The Warriors were six points down at that point, but ended up winning the game by eight points.

Perhaps Sanders is the new “Comeback Kid”?

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