The phenomena of Radical Millennial

Why The blatant disrespect?










This radical generation of millennials, are controlled by the spirit of rebellion.

naturally they rebel against humanity, authority, discipline.many are products

of a single parent household, suffer from strained parental relationships. they

harbor emotional bag, from enduring and experiencing physical and psychological


 today’s youth lack restraint in their actions and behaviors. Growing up as an

 awkward teen, my personality often shifted, between introvert and extrovert.

I was a wall flower, my parents were working middle class people. they could not afford

to provide us with hefty allowances, fancy clothes. they made an investment in our

future by giving us their wisdom, and sharing their life experiences.

 wisdom has empowered me to consult God, consider my ways, and

with God’s help make better choices, this protects us from the consequences of

bad choices. Sadly today’s millennials, lack respect for themselves and wisdom.

they are conformed to this world participating in outrageous behaviors, promoted

on social media sites,spiritually leading billions in to bondage, hindering growth

and potential. the world may never

 the untapped potential of our youth, the world may never

see our future doctors, teachers, professors, and lawyers. unrealized potential remains

dormant. we are all given unique gifts and talents to serve the world, wisdom is worth

more than rubies and choice gold. discipline is a defense,  that protects you from danger,

knowledge, and wisdom guides the choices you make, and determines the out come of

your life experiences, the more we educate, nuture, train our youth the better equipped

they will be to thrive in adversity, to over come unimaginable circumstances, to persevere

to grow, and mature to realize and reach their full potential, would send a wave of change

that would make a positive impact in the world, that would alter society by epic proportions.

About Almeda smith

I come from very humble beginnings, writing is my passion, my outlet to express myself, I want to share my unique perspective on life, share my wisdom gained from my life experiences.

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