The Realest Way to Keep It Real

The Realest Way to Keep It Real

“We live in a world of smart phones and stupid people.”

This quote has been a noticeable constant in life since the birth of the iPhone. The more time that passes, the more divided people’s thoughts are become evident. People will spend hundreds for a smart phone but will not use it efficiently for what it actually can do, which is to make life easier! Do people choose not to evolve or just choose to complain? Why fight evolution? Why complain if you refuse to evolve? Then there’s the inevitable saying they use to justify their actions “Keep It Real, I’m just keeping it real man!” Just remember misery loves company. The dwell on complaining. Try to complain once to state your position, then it is either solve it or sulk in it. If you agree, you’re not alone. We just all wish more people agreed with us.

DJ Skee couldn’t have said it better, watch his video:

“The Realest Way to Keep It Real Is to Evolve”

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