Thousands Pour Into Rally For Bernie Sanders in Santa Monica

Thousands Pour Into Rally For Bernie Sanders in Santa Monica

Thousands gathered for a Monday night rally held at Santa Monica High School for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Supporters and speakers included Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson and Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke, who helped introduced the Vermont senator with a few words of encouragement to get the crowd to vote.

Sanders brought energy to the crowd as he said, confidently, his campaign will not give up on California and will get the state’s vote.

The Democratic presidential candidate spoke to the crowd of supporters for over an hour about countless issues, including equal pay for women, gay rights, unemployment and then economy. A major topic that had hundreds cheering was college tuition.

“Why are we punishing people for doing what they should be doing?” Sanders asked the energetic crowd.

He went on to say that as president, he would make sure middle-class families would no longer struggle to send their children to college. He also vowed to allow students to refinance their loans to help make education more affordable.

Sanders also spoke of healthcare in the U.S., saying it is a “right and not a privilege for human beings.”

The presidential hopeful has been in California campaigning since Saturday and has continued to touch on comprehensive immigration reform, the disparity of wealth in the country and the cost of higher education.

Earlier on Monday, Sanders talked to a large crowd at a Lincoln Heights rally.

According to an exclusive poll conducted by SurveyUSA, Hillary Clinton is well positioned to defeat Sanders in California’s presidential primary on June 7.

The former secretary of state was scheduled to hold two Los Angeles-area campaign fundraisers Monday, beginning with a $2,700 per person early-evening fundraiser at the home of Bryan Lourd and Bruce Bozzi, according to an invitation obtained by City News Service.

Individuals raising $10,000 were co-hosts of the event and had a photo taken with Clinton.

An evening fundraiser in Hancock Park followed, with tickets priced at $1,000. Individuals raising $20,000 had a photo taken with Clinton.

Monday is the last day to register to vote in California. For more information, visit

Clinton and Sanders were scheduled to remain in Southern California on Tuesday.

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