Today, in 1951, Catcher in the Rye by JD Sallinger was Published

Today, July 16, in year 1951, the novel, Catcher in the Rye, by author J.D. Sallinger, was published. I remember reading the book cover-to-cover in high school for a project and really finding it fun and insightful. The brilliant novel is still popular today, catering to readers timelessly. The reflective and retrospective novel, based on fictional protagonist, Holden Caulifield, is a collective reflection of his feelings of his teenage years, given to his younger sister, Phoebe Caulifield. Since it caters to all speakers of languages worldwide, and 250,000 copies are sold each year, according to the Wikipedia page.

The novel has notably made many lists, including Time magazine’s top 100 novels, entering this list at 25 in 2005. Set in 1949, the novel is based on the 16-17 year old Holden Caulifield and is set in the various schools that Holden has flunk out of. At the end of the novel, readers see that Holden essentially has told the story to his little sister, Phoebe, to whom he gives a hat. Featuring the point of view of protagonist, Holden Caulifield, the novel also features colloquial terms from his teenage years, making the novel more relatable to the common reader that it caters to. The teenage reader can have definitely many interpretations of the novel, and the reader sees the reference made to the title at the end, while children play and mention the “catcher in the rye.” On this roughly 25-year anniversary of the awesome book, you can pick it up and read it, and make sure you do this!

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