Tom Brady Versus The World

If you didn’t believe Tom Brady was a man on a mission this season then this comeback win by the Patriots against their AFC East rivals the Jets should convince you.

It has certainly looked that way through six games.

The Patriots are undefeated so far in their 2015 campaign. They average just over 30 points per game. They have a first place scoring offense and have set the record for the most points scored through the first five games of the season. The burden has been placed on Tom Brady to lead this team to greatness and he has answered the call in spectacular fashion. As the weeks progress and the wins continue to accrue it becomes harder to predict when (or if) the Patriots will drop one to the opposition. The season has the makings to go 16-0 and if (or when) they do they have one person to thank for it.

Tom Brady.

Many are under the impression that the New England quarterback is playing like a man possessed after being subjected to the infamous “Deflate gate” situation stemming from the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts last season. Granted, the Patriots did go on to win the Super Bowl but the question of whether they cheated to do so loomed over the organization. Then the blame was placed squarely on the shoulders of Tom Brady. Fast forward through the overturned suspension and the beginning of the season and Tom Brady is leading his team through defenses much like he did in his 2007 campaign. Today he led his first ranked offense against the first ranked defense of the New York Jets and pulled out a victory after playing from behind. The offense of the Patriots all but abandoned the running game, instead opting to throw the ball 54 times. They’re letting Tom Brady control games with his arm and he’s delivering.

It makes you wonder if anyone can slow this machine down.

The Patriots have their next game against the Dolphins, who put up 44 in their contest today.

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