Tom Fallis Former Deputy Charged With Murder

“My wife just shot herself in the head, please help me! Please help me!”

Hours before the 911 call, Tom Fallis and his wife, Ashley, were seen dancing happily at their New Year’s Eve party in 2012. However, after a tragic turn of events, Fallis was screaming desperately into a phone–begging for medical aid.

Ashley’s unfortunate death was originally ruled a suicide–confirmed by five separate law enforements–but four years later, it is unclear whether Ashley’s death was a murder.

Ashley’s husband, a formed corrections deputy, is being held accountable for killing her after the party in their home in Evans, Colorado. Several witness accounts have surface regarding the event, triggering a grand jury investigation. Upon gathering new information from the investigations, Fallis was charged for 2nd degree murder. Jenna Fox, Ashley’s mother, testified that she rejected the previous ruling that her daughter’s death was a suicide. Nick Glover, the couple’s 15-year-old neighbor, testified that he heard through an open window Fallis confess to the crime to two people.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.51.37 PM“What I heard him saying was, ‘Oh my God, what have I done? Oh my God, what have I done?'” Glover said on the stand. “He proceeded to say, ‘I shot my wife.'” When asked if he was positive about the night’s proceedings, Glover said that he was “100 percent” certain. “You can’t hear something like that and forget about it,” he said. “I mean, that’s going to be embedded in your mind for years to come.”

According to Fallis, the only people who he was talking to that night were his parents, Jim and Anna Fallis. While testifying, the parents vehemently denied their son’s connection to the event. “His parents said they left the New Year’s party earlier that evening but came rushing back after getting a phone call and a text from their son saying, ‘I need you now,'” Reported ABCNews. Anna admitted to comforting her son after the party, but she said that her son did not confess to the crime.

Ashley’s mother, however, had a very different view of Fallis’ behavior at the party. “At the very end of the night, I think that his behavior towards her was very threatening and very volatile and very scary,” Jenna Fox testified.

The details listed in the grand jury indictment described Fallis as”irate” toward the end of the New Year’s Eve party, “storming into the master bedroom,” while holding a “9mm handgun” with the intentions of shooting Ashley.

Fallis told police at the time he was innocent and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. During his interrogation with investigators, Fallis screamed, “I didn’t shoot my wife.”

Among the witnesses are two of the Fallises’ three young children. During the trial, one of them drew pictures for investigators portraying their parents in the master bedroom, saying that they heard “mommy and daddy arguing.”

“The fact that one of their daughters is saying, ‘Dad seemed mad,’ becomes very important here and fits in with the prosecution’s theory of the case — that he was enraged and that he killed her,” said Dan Abrams, ABC News’ chief legal affairs anchor.

However, the kids cannot confirm whether or not Fallis actually shot Ashley.

“This is not an easy case for prosecutors,” Abrams said. “People like to think that eyewitness testimony is the best kind of evidence you can have in a case when in reality the best kind of evidence is DNA.”

Regardless of whether or not Fallis is prosecuted, Ashley’s mother has a pending civil suit against several law enforcement agencies that handled the investigation into her daughter’s death, claiming that they covered up evidence to “help one of their own.” All of the agencies have denied any form of cover-up.

Fallis has pleaded not guilty in the death of his wife.




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