Top 10 Wireless Projectors for Communicators

Today’s entrepreneurs value quick access to communications. Ideally, PowerPoint presentations play a major role in getting a specific idea across. In addition to adapting the ability to address issues and interests of the audience, entrepreneurs decided to declutter the situation. According to demand, certain manufacturers created the wireless presentation design to fit into the life of quick and clean distribution of powerful information via electronic devices with adequate sound delivery systems.

Chiefly, today’s wireless projectors can lessen your travel load; reduce the time needed to set up; and give the presentation a professional and upgraded appearance, in reference to becoming technologically advanced (leading edge performance levels). Moreover, the PDA enables operators to perform this particular task from their handy pocket device while adopting the ability to walk around freely to observe the audience and possibly making eye contact.


The Best Equipment


Initially, to complete this type of task, messengers must acquire the proper equipment (i.e. a computer, a Wi-Fi technology equipped personal digital assistant (PDA), and an appropriated surface that can efficiently reflect the proper image to the audience without distorting the message. Frankly, the image refresh rate is based on the quality of the signal that transmits between an operator and the projector. Typically, within 150-feet line-of-sight or shorter distances and possible going through walls.

W-Fi 802.11b is the most popular wireless solution—providing a capacity of 11 Mbps at an approximate range of 50 meters. In comparison, the Wi-Fi 802.11b delivers data at approx. 7 Mbps, which is 10X the performance of Bluetooth Technology.


Top 10 Projectors


  1. Epson EX7220, WXGA Widescreen HD, Wireless, 3000 Lumens Color Brightness, 3000 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector
  1. Epson PowerLite 1761W, WXGA, Wireless, 2600 Lumens Color Brightness, 2600 Lumens White Brightness, Ultra Lightweight 3LCD Projector
  1. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e 2D and 3D 1080p Wireless Home Theater Projector
  1. Epson PowerLite 1776W Widescreen Business Projector (WXGA Resolution 1280×800) (V11H476020)
  1. Epson 5020UBe Home Cinema Wireless 3D HDMI, 1080p 3LCD Projector (White)
  1. Dell M900HD Projector
  1. BenQ W1500 Projector
  1. Epson BrightLink 436Wi 3LCD Projector
  1. LG PA75U LED Projector
  1. Mitsubishi WD390U-EST DLP Projector




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