Tour the Culture of Cologne, Germany


Take A Ride


Family and Friends


For the families, the Bimmelbahn mini trains are perfect for easy going exploration with your children. Pertaining to those who are inclined to entertaining couples or friends, you should try Rickshaw sightseeing.


cappadocia_bicycle_tour_bThis guided tour consists of a fun bicycle-led ride with breathtaking stops and a good steady road for motion sensitive individuals.





Romance and Wine

Romantic rides in the moonlight, unforgettable city tours, and picnics by the wayside all await! The Rickshaw service offers a spectrum of activities. Moreover, explore the alleys and nooks of Riklonia Cologne’s Old Town, as well as gander at the city’s elegant Rhine Promenade. Also, while on the moonlight champagne ride, drink a glass of Wein am Rhein and wrap an arm around your intended. Whether it’s a late run into the night or just a simple evening ride, this type of tour offers the partaker pure romance.


Don’t Forget About Food

Courtesy of Kassaba foods
Courtesy of Kassaba foods

Though romance isn’t all these tours can muster up. Food is an option while touring in Cologne. As such, customization for the dishes served on the Rikolonia tour range from: Kolsh cuisine to Mediterranean courses. Ideally, sit back and order a chocolate Kolsch dessert of raspberry chocolate truffles, if you’re more of the confections type. Near this end, you will savor your customized meal from below the WWII architecture of Cologne Cathedral more than most. After the meal, your continued venture about the city will be waiting.


Cultural Beverage Tour


Keep rolling on… If you want another spin at a complimentary tour that serves as well as guides, try new fun locations–the Riklonia brewery tour! Travel diligently from brewery to brewery, taste testing the best beer in Cologne. As you sip countless beers and brews the driver will share the knowledge of many histories and cultures of Kolsch beer. Before your last sip, you’ll be at your next destination in no time!

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