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Fashion always seems to be trending and, yes, exactly, the trends are trending. If you like the clean-cut fashion, there is the knitwear trend, and there is structured knitwear, layered knitwear, patterned knitwear; you name it. If you sometimes may lean toward something more eye-catching, then you may think the usual fashion has been mundane lately and may go for something more flamboyant. Nowadays, and yes in my wardrobe as well, are the deconstructed garments that have rips and holes. These are not where it ends, I mean zips and distressed are there too. I have seen increasing leather pants with rips and biker jeans when I was at Saint Laurent Paris the other day, and they also had a sweater with zips between the shoulders and neck.


Now for something a little, or maybe a lot more, unique. “Hood by Air” is intriguing and offers numerous looks in its Spring 2016 collection. The unconventional yet captivating enigma that is this collection is peculiar without a doubt but is also alluring at the same time. This sporadic turn on the usual makes the unusual very inviting.


Also prevalent in fashion is the trend that is feminized menswear. Juan Carlos Pajares has blended 1920’s menswear with contemporary women’s wear to create this look. Pajares uses typically masculine frames and silhouettes and simply and subtly makes them feminine. His collection is consistent with simple designs in classic menswear and strangely makes this unconventional look very pleasing. With bold, simple colors, he marries this with clothing that will keep the man warm for his fall and winter.


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