Trump Doesn’t Know If Waterboarding Is Torture

Donald Trump has been publicly in favor of implementing water boarding as a means of torture should he be elected. There’s bound to be a torturous feeling around everyone should he actually become president. Alas, the candidate isn’t sure that waterboarding actually constitutes as torture:

“You know they haven’t been able to define waterboarding. They don’t know if it’s torture… We can’t be nice.” Although they have defined waterboarding and and it has been classified by experts as torture. Trump made claims that America is “soft and we’re weak and we can’t be that.”

He has downgraded the torturous effects of waterboarding, calling it “the minimal” and “the least form of torture”. But what Trump fails to recognize is that even the least form of torture is still torture. The way to make America great again should not involve more torture.

Waterboarding, if you don’t know, creates a very real sensation of drowning and has definitely been classified as torture by torture experts. Trump claims to be an expert on a lot of things, but you’d think the guy holding hour long speeches after losing a caucus would know the definition of torture. If he doesn’t, he can just ask any of his multiple ex wives, I’m sure they have some pretty detailed examples, metaphors, and scenarios that they could give him that are torturous.


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