Trump Might Call Off State Visit to Britain if There Will Be Protests Against Him

Trump Might Call Off State Visit to Britain if There Will Be Protests Against Him

President Trump won’t go to the United Kingdom unless everyone there is nice to him.

Trump has told Prime Minister Theresa May that he will be calling off his anticipated state visit to Britain if there will be protests against him there, according to a Guardian report on Sunday.

Trump told May in the past few weeks about his possible plan to cancel, which could explain why there has been such little information about the visit that has been expected for months.

It is unclear if Trump’s potential pull-out came after several top British politicians — including London Mayor Sadiq Khan — called on May to cancel Trump’s visit over one of his most ill-timed tweetstorms.

May was the first foreign leader to visit to Trump at the White House — which spelled her name wrong in its visitor log, confusing it with the name of a porn star.

Just days after Trump was inaugurated, May invited him to a seven-day British visit, but solid plans haven’t materialized since then.

Now Trump has reportedly said he won’t be jumping across the pond at all if there will be large protests against him and his remarks — something May is in no position to prevent.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May. (STEFAN WERMUTH/REUTERS)

Trump’s reluctance might also be influenced by his latest transcontinental conflict, which he started after the terror attacks in London that left eight people dead.

As Khan worked to assure his citizens they were safe, Trump unleashed a two-day Twitter attack on him, taking his remarks out of context. When Khan defended himself — while still overseeing a grieving city — Trump tweeted that the London leader made a “pathetic excuse” for his remarks.

After Trump’s Twitter tantrum, Khan and Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron said that May should withdraw her invitation to him.

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