Trump Supporter Who 'Hated' Muslims Has Change of Heart
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Trump Supporter Who ‘Hated’ Muslims Has Change of Heart

John Dutcher, from Omaha, told KETV news how his ferocious hatred for Muslims transformed when families from Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, moved into his apartment block. This powerful story nurtures the extreme negativity since Trump’s election as president and replaces it with acceptance and love.

Dutcher’s hatred for Muslims arose after the 9/11 attacks. But after interacting with Muslim families, he had a change of heart.

“The women with the headdress on… I would just sneer at them”, Dutcher explains his deep hatred for Muslims since the brutal attacks, reported by KETV News.

Although Dutcher voted for Donald Trump, he rejects the controversial immigration ban. Trump’s executive order was a direct hit to banning Syrian refugees, indefinitely. Protests erupted after the immigration ban on how it was discrimination against Muslims. The 9th circuit court has refused to reinstate the travel ban as of February 9th.

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Dutcher previously had a drug addict neighbor who was now replaced with the Syrian and Afghani Muslim families bringing “music to his ears” from the children’s laughter.

He continues to be dazzled by how the Muslim families have cars, jobs, and how the kids are going to school in just three months.

Fatima Shah, a volunteer with Lutheran Family Services, assists with these Muslim families to adjust to their new life in America. Shah praises how the families have happily grown an attachment to Dutcher and ask him to do everything for them. She commends how Dutcher is an inspiration as he preaches that “if you hate a Muslim, then go get to know one.”

“They took the hatred out of me,” Dutcher states according to KETV News,”I just never knew how much someone could hate on someone they don’t even know.”

Lutheran Family Services states that since October of 2015 till last week, they have helped settle 21 Syrian families, a total of 116 people in Omaha, Nebraska.

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