Trump And His Tiny Dancers Coin Phrase “Americatude”

Ever noticed how North Korea is not included in Disney’s “It’s A Small World”? And neither is America really, no in a lot of detail. Ever wonder what it would be like if Disney combined American Patriotism, with North Korea’s creepily off putting propaganda, and shrunk it all down to a cutesy miniature and made it sing and dance? Well if you have, number one: I hope your time on the No Fly List is a life long one. Number two: Fret no more! Trump has got you.

He brought on stage at his  rally, a trio of tiny dancers in sparkling U.S.A regalia. They tossed out lyrics that were both so ego-maniacal and so poorly written, one would have to assume they were written by Trump himself. Because surely even those nine year old girls could write something better than:

“Enemies … of freedom … face the music … c’mon boys, take them down … President Donald Trump knows how … to make America great … deal from strength or get crushed every time.”

Crushed every time? The only thing to make that more Trump-centric was if the word “crushed” was replaced by “schlonged” and the lyric was followed by the girls singing the word “huge” over and over again as a patriotic machine gun solo blasted. The only thing that would make that worse would be if they made up some idiotic new word synonymous of “patriotism”.

Oh except, they did do that. And the word is “Ameritude!” That’s somehow far worse than the phrase ‘Merica.


The made up words, the 1942 USO girls outfits, the choreography fit for a Toddler’s And Tiara’s pageant talent portion, mixed with lyrics like Cowardiiiiiiiice Are you serious? Apologies for freedom. I can’t handle this” gave insight to a huge Trump presidential fantasy that is one parts Miss Universe Pageant, one part North Korean style fascist propaganda, and fifty sparkling red white and blue parts Americatude!


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