Stanford University Sex Offender Brock Turner Expected to Leave Jail 3 Months Early

USA Swimming Bans Stanford Rapist Brock Turner For Life

Brock Turner will never swim for Team USA.

The former Stanford student and swimmer — convicted last week on three counts of felony sexual assault — was banned from USA Swimming earlier this week.

The organization oversees the United States Olympic trials, from which the best swimmers are selected to join the Olympic team.

Turner wasn’t a member when he committed the crimes, according to USA Today. But he was a member through 2014 and, should he ever reapply, he would reportedly be rejected.

“USA Swimming strictly prohibits and has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct,” spokesman Scott Leightman said.

Turner’s name has become household after a judge sentenced him to six months in jail and probation earlier this month, which many viewed as far too lenient.

The 23-year-old woman Turner attacked then read a powerful statement about the sexual assault in court, which was published online and has since spread across the Internet.

Turner is likely to serve just half the six months to which he was sentenced. His expected release date is Sept. 2.

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