Vicious Attacks in Lahore Pakistan on Easter

On Easter Day, Christian Pakistanis in Lahore were celebrating Easter in a picnic at the park when Islamic radicalists interrupted the festivities by carrying out a vicious attack that in turn killed at least 65 people and injured even more, which reportedly numbered around in the vicinity of more than 250 people. The depiscable attack even created an uproar on social media, inciting the hashtag, “PrayForPakistan.”

As an aside, it in exceptionally very important that people do not blame Islam for this malicious occurrence that palagued innocent people, only because they were happily celebrating an auspicious occasion. Islam does not support the attacks, and as a Pakistani I can say and I know I am not alone, when I say this should not have happened and that I am deeply sorry to those affected in all sorts of ways by this attack.

I personally even remember a few years ago, something that comes to mind instantly. There was a woman who was brutally verbally abused by the people in her village for being Christian, she instinctively badmouthed Islam and was in question for being punished. As I think to myself, I know that in that country a Muslim can say certain blasphemous comments about the religion of Christianity and not expected to be brutalized or inflicted with punishment, but when a Christian happens to do the same, they seem to be berated and face possibilities of punishments of any sort.

This definitely bothers me, because anyone should be able to practice their religion anywhere without being apprehensive to do so. As humans, that is a right anyone possesses. I sincerely do not know why the fundamentalists carried out such an attack, but am saddened genuinely by it and hope it is done away with eventually.


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