Vicksburg, Mississippi: Escaped Convict Fatally Shot During Home Invasion

Vicksburg, Mississippi: Escaped Convict Rafael McCloud Fatally Shot During Home Invasion

VICKSBURG, MS – According to Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong, Warren County escaped inmate Rafael McCloud approached a man on Fort Hill as he started a car outside his home Thursday morning.

He then forced his way inside their home. Police told us that McCloud tied up the man and his wife. He then stabbed the man.

The man got free and then he and his wife opened fire on McCloud, killing him. The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

His wife and child, who were at home at the time, were both unharmed. The coroner and deputy coroner are on the scene now.

McCloud is a capital murder suspect that escaped from the Warren County Jail early on March 2. Authorities say that McCloud used a homemade shank and held a guard hostage when he escaped.

He then forced him to take off his uniform, a black jacket and green pants. Police believe he changed into the guards clothing, and also took the guard’s radio and keys before escaping through a side door.

The reward for information on McCloud was $26,000. McCloud was in jail, charged with capital murder in the 2015 death of Sharon Wilson.

Her body was found by ghost hunters at the abandoned Kuhn Hospital in Vicksburg.

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