VIDEO Bill Maher Panel ERUPTS After Margaret Cho Calls George W. Bush 'War Criminal'

VIDEO Bill Maher Panel ERUPTS After Margaret Cho Calls George W. Bush ‘War Criminal’

Many Republicans have a clever way of remembering history. Instead of acknowledging that former President George W. Bush had the terror which occurred on 9/11/01 happen under his watch, they skillfully say nothing happened after 9/11/01.

Completely ignoring the fact that yes, in fact, intelligence was ignored completely, and George W. Bush, alongside his administration,p’ f*cked up big time. BIG time. If they’d own that, you could almost respect the candor, but since they can’t, they just look utterly moronic and slightly evil.

This is what just happened, yet again, on Real Time with Bill Maher when Republican Bush apologist Ana Navarro was trying to defend George W.

Bush and state the case for Jeb Bush. Not only that, she couldn’t seem to acknowledge the fact that what W did to get us into a war in Iraq was not only false and horrific, but should be considered a war crime. He and his administration manufactured intelligence to make their case. And with most smart-minded folks out there understanding this and willfully acknowledging this fact, many would even go so far as to call him a war criminal. Which is exactly what fellow Real Time guest Margaret Cho did.

After a discussion about how the best way to prevent veterans from needing help would be to not create veterans in the first place by unnecessarily going to war, Cho chimes in, and says:

“I think George W. Bush is a war criminal. He sent all those people to die.”

And as harsh as that sounds, it’s true. He betrayed the trust of not only the American people, but more so of our men and women in uniform. He sent them to a war based on lies and thousands of them died, and even more came home injured both physically and mentally. It is most definitely criminal behavior and W alongside his administration should still be held accountable.

Navarro, unwilling to accept reality, came back at Cho with:

“Let’s not throw around that term so loosely. I mean, I know you are a comedian and everything, but war criminals are Nazis.”

Which is when Maher chimed in and asked her not to use “comedian” in such a disparaging tone as though those who are funny for a living can’t be serious. In fact, comedians, of all people, are able to dissect reality much more thoroughly than others who just view it on the surface and their insight is quite valuable, because they can often see things others can’t.

If you find yourself defending the incompetency of George W. Bush and ignoring the reality that 9/11/01 occurred on his watch, or defending his lies that led us into Iraq, you need to take a good, long look at yourself and what you really stand for as a human being living in what’s supposed to be a civilized society.

Watch the tense moment between panelists here:


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