VIDEO Brawl Breaks out at Temple Terrace, Florida Publix Grocery Store

VIDEO Brawl Breaks out at Temple Terrace, Florida Publix Grocery Store

TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. – It’s video you have to see to believe, as shoppers behaving badly are caught on camera. A 26-year-old woman witnessed the wild scene on Sept. 16 at a Temple Terrace Publix. The bystander was there to get dinner around 8:30 p.m. She’s still shocked it happened.

It all started over an order of chicken wings and a rude customer, Jessica Jordan told News Channel 8. Then, shoppers began shouting, fists went flying and it turned into a deli disaster.

Jordan recorded it on her cell phone. “You wouldn’t really think to see that in the deli department, you know, or even a grocery store at that,” she said.

She told us an angry shopper, 59-year-old Raleigh Harris, began the brouhaha when he was “rude” and used racial slurs toward a deli worker as he placed an order for chicken wings.  A fellow deli employee told him to back off and leave her alone. That’s when Harris exploded, Jordan said.

“Um, well I was in shock. I was like, ‘Ugh, great, rude people.’ I just felt like he was kind of, um, loud and obnoxious,” she added.

In fact, Harris became worked up over that warning to back off, Jordan said. “He got really outraged and told him to mind his f****** business and kinda threw the n-word in there a few times. The guy that was ordering chicken was like running around the deli being chased by these other customers,” she added.

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