VIDEO: CW Network Releases New Image of Killer Frost from 'The Flash'

VIDEO: CW Network Releases New Image of Killer Frost from ‘The Flash’

Danielle Panakbaker appeared on “The Talk” to discuss her role as Caitlin Snow on “The Flash”and weighed in on the evolution of the Killer Frost costume, which was seen briefly during Barry Allen’s first foray into the Speed Force.

“I’m such a girl and I love getting dressed up in that look,” Panabaker said of the Killer Frost costume. “We changed — we started working on the look a couple months before it actually shot, so our first suit was a one piece, kind of like Catwoman’s. Very sexy. But it didn’t feel quite right, so then we changed it to be like a top and these really cool leather pants. The hair was awesome. It started actually as a short little pixie wig and we just kept adding more and more hair, as you do. It’s great. I’m really excited.”

“I’m so jealous. All the boys go out there and duke it out. I want to suit up with those boys!” she added.

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