VIDEO Drake Covers Jackson Browne, Nico's 'These Days'

VIDEO Drake Covers Jackson Browne, Nico’s ‘These Days’

It feels right to hear Drake sing “Don’t confront me with my failures/I had not forgotten them.”

And now we finally have a cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days” we didn’t know we needed. Just like Nico, who popularized the song with her haunting cover in 1967, Drake brings a whole lot of baggage.

A version of the track — a duet Drizzy recorded with Babeo Baggins of Barf Troop for an EP meant for a May release — initially leaked. Now Baggins has released a finished version titled “Things I Forgot to Do.”

“Drake is a friend of mine,” Baggins told Dazed in an email. “’These Days’ is my favorite song in the world, and I showed him the song because he had never heard it. He connected with it, which explains us doing the cover.”

Her Love Songs for Tough Guys EP also features Lykki Li and Patsy Cline covers.

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