VIDEO GOP Candidates Pick their Secret Service Codenames

VIDEO GOP Candidates Pick their Secret Service Codenames

During the closing moments of CNN’s Republican primary debate on Wednesday, moderator Jake Tapper asked the candidates what they’d like for their Secret Service code names to be. He used Ronald Reagan’s code name — Rawhide, an homage to his performances in Westerns — as an example.

The candidates answered:

1. Chris Christie — True Heart

2. John Kasich — Unit 1, adding, “My wife says, ‘You’ll never be Unit 1. You’re Unit 2.'”

3. Carly Fiorina — Secretariat

4. Scott Walker — Harley, adding “I love riding Harleys.”

5. Jeb Bush — Eveready, telling Donald Trump, “It’s very high energy, Donald,” followed with an awkward high-five from Trump

6. Donald Trump — Humble

7. Ben Carson — One Nation

8. Ted Cruz — Cohiba, saying it’s because he’s Cuban

9. Marco Rubio — Gator

10. Mike Huckabee — Duck Hunter

11. Rand Paul — Justice Never Sleeps

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