VIDEO IIOBC release scene of fatal police shooting in Dawson Creek

VIDEO IIOBC release scene of fatal police shooting in Dawson Creek

The Independent Investigations Office of BC has released the scene of a dramatic shooting which resulted in the death of a man outside of a restaurant in Dawson Creek.

IIO investigators remain in the northeastern B.C. city after a man wearing a mask approached officers in what they describe as an aggressive manner, Thursday around 6:30 p.m. PT outside of the Fixx Urban Grill.

It was the site of an open house for the site C dam project.

Police say the victim did not comply with their directions and was subsequently shot. He later died of his injuries in hospital.

Video recorded by a witness shows a police officer kicking away something from the victim while the suspect is on the ground.

Officers say they have collected a knife and other physical evidence as part of their investigation. They have also conducted interviews with witnesses and other officers involved in the incident.

IIOBC is now looking for more video evidence of the shooting from local businesses and any witnesses who may have also recorded the altercation.

Initially it was believed police were called to the area because of a man causing a disturbance inside the open house.

On Friday evening IIOBC clarified that the man who was fatally shot by police was not the man who caused the disturbance. Instead, this was another aggressive man who was carrying a knife and wearing a mask outside the open house.

It is not releasing the names of the victim or officers involved in the shooting, that remains the jurisdiction of the BC Coroners Service.

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