VIDEO Insane 'Walking Dead' Season 6 Trailer Now!

VIDEO Insane ‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Trailer Now!

It’s only Friday afternoon and already the announcements are rolling out of Comic Con like a zombie’s guts after it’s been sliced open. AMC announced on Friday that The Walking Dead will return 11 October with an expanded 90-minute premiere. What’s even better is the network released a trailer for the upcoming sixth season.

No, this was not one of those 30-second teasers that just shows all the characters’ faces and the title of the show, and doesn’t give you any hint of what is about to happen. This was four minutes hinting at major story arcs in the upcoming season.

It looks like the biggest arc of the season is going to be about Rick’s taking over Alexandria, and killing Pete in front of the entire town, after the death of Deanna’s son and husband in the season finale. Based on his appearance in the trailer, Rick is all about survival and doing whatever it takes to get by, even if he is making decisions that prove incredibly unpopular with the rest of the town. He is seen pointing guns at unseen characters several times, and at least once it’s probably Morgan, Rick’s old friend who appeared after years of isolation on the road. It seems like after Rick goes rogue, Deanna and a cabal of insiders (including, possibly, Daryl and Michonne) are going to work with Morgan to get rid of Rick. Carol is in on the action too, but it looks like people are as skeptical of her as they are of Rick.

There wasn’t much about the Wolves in the trailer, the sicko group that is dismembering survivors wandering in the woods. After they set a trap for Daryl and Aaron and had a run-in with Morgan in the season five finale, it seemed like they would be the biggest complication of the new season. But then again, maybe they’re the people that trapped Daryl yet again at the end of the trailer. Or maybe the show is just saving some surprises for this fall.

There is one constant, of course, and that’s the walkers. We see them aflame falling from the walls, stampeding through town, killing several people, and shambling through the woods covered in moss like some sick version of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings movies. Man, how are there still so many of these damn zombies left in the world?

The one thing we didn’t learn from The Walking Dead was the exact date that Fear the Walking Dead, the LA-set spin-off, is going to premiere. The Talking Dead, the companion talk show, is set to return on 23 August with a preview special – does that mean Fear could kick off in September just before the original Walking Dead? It’s great to know so much about a season months before it premieres, but it’s the known unknowns that are really bothersome.

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