VIDEO Kansas City Royals Fan Paul Rudd Doused With Beer and Champagne by Royals Players

VIDEO Kansas City Royals Fan Paul Rudd Doused With Beer and Champagne by Royals Players

NEW YORK — Mike Moustakas was following Eric Hosmer out of the nucleus of the Kansas City Royals‘ World Series clubhouse celebration when he peered to the left and stopped in his tracks.

He saw Paul Rudd, the famous actor and Royals mega-fan, standing a few feet away. Around them, the champagne bottles were popping. Beer was being poured on peoples’ heads. The Royals were partying exactly how you’d expect a team to after winning its first World Series in 30 years.

When Moustakas spied Rudd, he stopped and smiled. “Hey, hold on. He’s way too dry. Way too dry,” Moustakas said, as he took a few times toward Rudd. We’ll spare you the rest of the dialog and just show you what happened. In short, Rudd got very wet.

That’s a pretty great moment. One that shows Rudd is one of the boys with this Royals team. He is, after all, the most famous Royals fan not named George Brett. Rudd spent part of his young in the Kansas City area and became a big fan of the Royals.

As he became a Hollywood star — getting roles in movies such as “Clueless,” “Anchorman,” “This is 40” and, most recently, taking a super hero turn in “Ant Man” — Rudd didn’t abandon his Royals fandom, even as they were one of the worst teams in MLB for years. He rooted them on through last year’s postseason run. At one point, he joked about having a party at his mom’s house when the Royals won the ALCS. Some fans actually showed up for it!

“I’m just so psyched for the town,” Rudd said, as he frolicked among the Royals, taking pictures and bantering with the players.

He was asked whether there’d be a party at his mom’s house this year.

“Well,” he said. “It depends if he she goes out of town. If it happens, just be cool. Just be cool.”

Please, people on Kansas City, abide by this disclaimer: We’re pretty sure Paul Rudd doesn’t want you to show up at his mom’s house. He’s just a funny guy and a baseball fan celebrating a moment many, many years in the marking. Please be cool.

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