VIDEO Metta World Peace is BACK for Lakers Media Day 2015

VIDEO Metta World Peace is BACK for Lakers Media Day 2015

Let’s clarifiy, do we call him Panda or Metta or Ron?

Metta World Peace is back for Lakers Media Day 2015, wearing number 37, the number he had on when he helped the Lakers win their last Championship back in 2010.

Metta talks about his excitement being back and what he’s done while he was out of the league. He said he’s been eating well, training hard, improving, and claims he will be 100% ready when called on.

He also spoke about crediting his comeback to dedication, and what his role will be on the team. Metta says he wants to use his experiences to “give back to the young fellas” like he had with Reggie Miller, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol, and Kobe.

The veteran says he knows why teams did not take a chance on him. He admitted it was because his career has been up and down, but stayed working hard and playing everywhere he could, at the local gym and local tournaments, including overseas which helped him stay in shape and ultimately paid off today.

Metta believes this year’s Lakers team is “quick and physical” and thinks “this year is going to be a great year for Kobe.”

“You know I just stayed dedicated. It wasn’t easy, you get older, you get hurt at the end of your career and people just say career might be over. But I just stayed dedicated, I just stayed patient with the process, and I just eased my way back in through hard work.”

Panda aka Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest aka Tru Warier is entering his 16th NBA season and his 5th season as a Laker.

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