VIDEO Mythical Kraken Sea Monster ‘Spotted’ on Google Earth

VIDEO Mythical Kraken Sea Monster ‘Spotted’ on Google Earth

A giant ‘sea monster’ with huge tentacles has reportedly been sighted on Google Earth off the coast of Deception Island near Antarctica.

A grainy image of the creature, shared widely on social media, shows it ’emerging’ out of the deep black ocean.

A conspiracy website has estimated the colossal squid-like beast, which was spotted on April 6, is over 60 metres long.

Author of the website, Scott C Waring, wrote: “This looks like the Kraken. I used Google ruler and it says this is 30 metres (100 feet) from head to end, but the end looks like just the mid area of a giant squid, which means it could be 60+ meters long with tentacles.

“That sounds like a Kraken to me.”

The Norwegian word “Kraken” means an unhealthy animal or something twisted. In German, the word ‘Krake’ means octopus.

18th century Nordic folklore

Legend has it that the mysterious Kraken once ruled the seas with the help of its deadly tentacles – swallowing ships, whales and even terrified sailors whole.

The Kraken has been depicted in Nordic folklore since the late 18th century as as a large octopus-like creature with spikes on its suckers.

Literature tells stories of the Kraken haunting the seas of Norway, Iceland and Greenland.

Youtube user wowforreel shared a video of where the sea creature was sighted and pinned down the Google Earth coordinates as 63° 2’56.73″S 60°57’32.38″W.

“No idea what this is but it’s circulating a few places right now and when I saw it, it IMMEDIATELY made me think of a Plesiosaur fin,” he wrote.

The Plesiosaur is an extinct prehistoric animal that first appeared on earth about 205 million years ago.

They had four long flippers, creating the illusion that they could fly through water.

Wowforreel said his video shows there is “one massive disturbance in the ocean”.

“Who knows what really caused it. Maybe now we know the source of The Bloop!.”

Kraken, Plesiosaur or simply a giant squid? You decide.

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