VIDEO N.C. Murder Suspect Sticks Tongue Out at Victim's Family

VIDEO N.C. Murder Suspect Sticks Tongue Out at Victim’s Family

Antonio Beatty, 21, was charged with first-degree murder after Carlton Whitley, 25, was shot to death and found lying in a parking lot near Metting Road in July.

Whitley’s family was “furious about Beatty’s actions” in court Tuesday. Whitley’s fiance, sister and daughter were present.

“I feel like justice needs to be served. He don’t care obviously. He showed that his self in court that he don’t care, that he don’t have no remorse for what he did, and he needs to be charged,” said Whitley’s fiancé, Octavia Bryant.

Beatty’s family claims “he isn’t completely responsible for the murder,” but he “could face the death penalty if convicted.”

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