VIDEO Nicki Minaj Disses Kylie and Kanye Has a New Song Striking Back

VIDEO Nicki Minaj Disses Kylie and Kanye Has a New Song Striking Back

According to Hollywood Life She’s taken a lot of criticism for her relationship with Tyga, 25, and the most recent shade came from Nicki Minaj, who not-so-subtly slammed the relationship in a new music video. Luckily, Kylie has mom, Kris Jenner, 59, to remind her about what’s important in life, and ensure her that she has many more loved ones on her side than Nicki does!

Kris Jenner Comforts Kylie Jenner After Nicki Minaj Fued: Says Rapper Isn’t Loved

“Kris is aware of the mean girl bullying that Kylie’s been a victim of. She tells Kylie all the time that those girls are broken and don’t have true love in their own lives, and that’s why they’re so mad.” “She reminds Kylie that she comes from a family in which every member lover her. She has a mother, a father, brothers and sisters who all love and support her and want nothing from her but to see her thriving.”

The feud between Nicki and Tyga has been going on for quite some time, but the former American Idol judge brought Kylie into it in her and Beyonce’s new music video for “Feeling Myself.”

In one scene, Nicki is wearing a #17 jersey that says ‘Pervert’ on it. Considering it’s Kylie’s young age (17!!!) that has led to most of the criticism in her relationship with Tyga, and knowing Nicki’s past beef with the rapper, this whole thing is too fishy to just be coincidental.

Kylie Jenner: How T.I’s Helping Her Overcome Nicki Minaj Diss

Luckily, Kylie is used to dealing with the haters, and is becoming stronger because of it.

“Kylie’s been listening to T.I. and her theme song is “Motivation.” All they — Nicki, Amber Rose, and girls like them — are doing is making Kylie stronger. Their hatred and jealousy is only motivating her to keep doing exactly what she’s doing.” ”She understands that when you’re on and being the best at what you do, the b****es are automatically going to hate. So to them, she says, ‘Go ahead, haters!’”

Kylie Jenner Wishes She Could Be Just Like Nicki Minaj — Watch
The whole Nicki diss is pretty sad, though, considering just one day before the video came out, Kylie was actually praising the rapper! During a Billboard Music Awards interview on May 17, she was asked which celebrity she’d want to switch lives with for a day…and she said Nicki. Awwww!

Do you think Kris gave Kylie good advice and words of encouragement?


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