VIDEO Racist Woman Screams the N word at Family on the Beach

A mother who went to Oak Street Beach recently claims that another woman called her children the n-word three times because they splashed her. The mother then confronted the woman on camera, who angrily defended her right to drop the n-word.

The mother Raquel Bolton posted a video of the confrontation on Facebook and she explains what happened shortly before:

While at the beach #oakstreetbeach this lady called us the N Word three times in front of my children all because they splashed water on her. I asked her to stop yelling at the kids and said I’ll call the police. She walked in my face twice yes I could’ve reacted but I didn’t. Yes I thought this lady was going to spit or put hands on me first because that’s how angry she was….here’s her response.

The woman being confronted is saying the n-word just as the camera starts filming. Then she says, “Of course you haven’t graduated and you don’t know the Constitution of the United States and what it says.”

Bolton responds, “Of what? That you could just walk around calling somebody a nigger?”

The woman responds, “Yes, it’s called free speech in America. Right to free speech. Look it up.”

The Frisky posted a photo of the woman at the shore’s edge right before her rant. Bolton says Facebook yanked the original video for not meeting its standards, and she reposted it Tuesday. It’s not clear when the incident took place. Here’s a copy of the video she posted to YouTube:

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