VIDEO Santa Ana Police Caught Eating Pot Laced Edibles During Raid

VIDEO Santa Ana Police Caught Eating Pot Laced Edibles During Raid

A video that seems to demonstrate a Santa Ana cop eating a pot-laced edible after raiding a pot shop has incited a police investigation.

The marijuana dispensary’s surveillance video, relesed to reporters by lawyer Matthew Pappas, shows Santa Ana cops entering Sky High Holistic on May 26 and forcing people to the ground as they raid the facility. Sooner or later, officers appear removing security cameras and playing darts.

An officer looks at what appears being an edible. On the video, he tosses it into his mouth and flashes a thumbs-up motion.

The dispensary’s supervisor, Marla James, an amputee who utilizes a wheelchair, told KTLA-TV reporters that she was misled and threatened by police.

The video demonstrates an officer asking another female officer, “Did you punch that one-legged guerita?”

The female officer answers, “I was going to kick her in her [expletive] stub.”

The raid was a piece of a search warant acquired by Santa Ana police, who were investigating the weed dispensary for working wrongfully in the city, Santa Ana police Boss Carlos Rojas said.

The Police Department sent a cease-and-desist order on Feb. 26, however the dispensary stayed open despite the fact that its operation was not allowed, he said.

Police haven’t seen the full, unedited video and have asked for a duplicate.

The altered video, Rojas said, raises concerns.

“Our expectation for officers is that they act professionally at all time,” he said.

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