Video Shows Rodents in Waianae, Hawaii Restaurant

Video Shows Rodents in Waianae, Hawaii Restaurant

WAIANAE, Hawaii – Hui On Fast Foods is in the Waianae Mall, and it’s one of Jasmine Paglinawan’s favorites.

“The orange chicken, beef broccoli, noodles,” she said.

But now the Chinese restaurant is off her menu. Paglinawan’s cousin shot cell phone video Wednesday night that shows rodents in the restaurant after it closed.

“On one of them it shows the rats running all over the children’s candy machines,” Paglinawan said. “I actually got sick to my stomach. I wanted to throw up.”

Hui On owner Hiram Tam is also disturbed by the images circulating on social media.

“I feel upset. So I say sorry to the customer,” he said.

He said he has never had rodents in his restaurant.  He said after he saw the video on the web he called mall management and an exterminator.

“If I do business I’ve got to make everything — people — is safe and clean in the area,” he said.

The Department of Health did a routine inspection Tuesday — a day before the video was shot — and found no evidence of a rodent infestation. And there are no records of complaints against the eatery.

Paglinawan’s family ate at Hui On about twice a week.

“I’m more worried about our family and friends in the community, all the people that actually eat there. If they get sick and I knew about it I’d feel bad,” she said.

So would Tam. He said his reputation is at stake. His restaurant has served Chinese food in Waianae for 25 years.

“Plenty customer come over here,” he said.  “They know our food is very good.”

The Department of Heath said it will send an inspector back to Hui On if it gets a formal complaint about rodents in the restaurant.

VIDEO: Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

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