VIDEO SWAT, ATF, and FBI Respond To San Bernardino Mass Shooting

Police have responded to reports of a shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino.

Reports from a woman who works at Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities, where the shooting took place claim that ten to twenty people were shot.

At least three fatalities were confirmed as of 12:42 PST. The shots were heard at 11:17 PST. They were first fired in a conference room.


The sheriff’s department responded with a tweet saying that there was an active shooter in the region of Orange Show Rd/Waterman Ave. The police have confirmed the possibility of one to three suspects and are continuing their search efforts and warning the public. ATF and FBI are on the scene.

There are no leads as to what the motivation or intentions behind this shooting were. Details of the suspects remain unclear, other than the fact that one is in tactical gear and all were heavily armed with long rifles.


The complex has multiple buildings that SWAT teams are currently evacuating. The facility, specializing in developmental disabilities, has a staff of 670 and provides service to 32,000. Evacuation of this manner and on this scale causes for extra care. Sixty blind members of the facility were present and required immediate evacuation.

Employees are instructed to hand over their badges to authorities for investigation. However it is unclear how many are currently at the site. The evacuated are congregating at the public golf course across the road from the facility. 

The fire department are treating victims on site. The Loma Linda University Medical Center is expecting to treat victims as well. However they have no idea how many victims to expect, and are preparing for whatever is possible. The extent to how badly medical attention to the victims is needed is still unclear. 

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