VIDEO Terrell Owens Throws Coffee at Man who Called Him N**** Word at Starbucks

VIDEO Terrell Owens Throws Coffee at Man who Called Him N**** Word at Starbucks

A man in California is throwing a flag on ex-Eagles receiver Terrell Owens and accusing him of tripping and unnecessary roughness … with a paper coffee cup.

Here’s the story from TMZ: Owens was in Brentwood, Calif on Tuesday and a 28-year-old man screamed Owens’ name at the former wideout. That same man then accused Owens of tripping him when the potential Hall of Famer “implored the guy to pipe down.”

Witnesses claimed the man then cursed at Owens and may have used a racial slur. The receiver known more for his hands than his arm, tossed a Starbucks coffee cup at the accuser, so naturally, the 28-year-old called the police.

Owens spoke to TMZ about the incident and claimed it was even worse for him than what they reported:

“He says the situation was even more bizarre and menacing. He tells us the guy was following him and a female friend around the store, then followed them to their car … and threw a cup of liquid INTO the car.

“Terrell says that’s when he got out and threw his empty cup at the guy. He confirms he absolutely heard him use the n-word.”

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