VIDEO ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally in New York Descends Into Chaos as Protesters Brawl With Neo-Nazi

VIDEO ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally in New York Descends Into Chaos as Protesters Brawl With Neo-Nazi

A brawl erupted during a “White Lives Matter” rally Saturday afternoon in South Buffalo, New York.

The neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement had called for the rally in Cazenovia Park. But, according to Buffalo News, only one neo-Nazi official showed up, white supremacist Karl Hand of Lockport, along with a handful of other supporters.

“I didn’t organize it. I was just invited to speak,” Hand, who is the chief of the Racial Nationalist Party of America, told WBFO. He plans to run for a Senate seat in New York.

More than 300 activists converged on the event to hold a counter-protest, vastly outnumbering the tiny number of White Lives Matter supporters. Video of the event showed one woman telling Hand that “nobody is going to take your sh*t in this day and age, you are sick people… the rest of the United States is going to trample you out.”

“I came to hear what (Hand) had to say. Obviously I won’t be able to do that,” Anthony Chaman complained to He added that he supports white separation but insisted he isn’t a “racist.”

Buffalo Police had dozens of officers on the scene, but a fight still broke out between a man wearing a green “White Pride” t-shirt and some of the counter-protesters. His t-shirt ended up being ripped off in the scuffle.

Watch videos below:

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