Is Voice Control Getting Smarter?

What is Voice Control?

Voice control is an app on everybody’s smart-phone that you can press a button and speak to it and it will recognizes your voice and what you say.


What Type of Voice Control Apps Are There?

There are apps like Siri, Cortana, and Google Voice that are programmed into some smart phones automatically. The makers of these phones wanted to make something that can aid someone in their everyday life. When they need to call or search something they can simply press a button and talk to their device saying what they need and the app will recognize them. Sometimes the apps don’t work.


Do People Even Use Voice Control?

Some people do not use voice control the way that it is made to be used. They use voice control to ask stupid questions, to make jokes, to even make fun of. But some business owners use voice control to get their work done, to send important emails and texts, and to even plan meetings. But in reality teens and adults just use it to be funny and have jokes.


Can Voice Control Help Us?

Voice control can help us in many ways:

  • Help us set up appointments
  • Reminders
  • Call people on the road
  • Reply to a text message
  • To remember certain dates
  • To ask questions needed at that moment

Do You Think Voice Control Will Get Smarter?

Voice control will get smart as we advance in technology. As there is new technology growing and more people it will start to understand more and get to know more about the person by adapting. But in reality this is going to be hectic, mainly because it is hard to focus on the importance of voice control and how to use it properly.


Contributing Author: daniels intropersonal newz

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