Waitress Receives Larger Tips After Getting Offensive Note in Redondo Beach, California

Waitress Receives Larger Tips After Getting Offensive Note in Redondo Beach, California

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA – A Bamboo Thai Bistro manager said people have left larger tips following an incident in which someone wrote “Tip for U.S. citizens only” on a tip line for a Thai waitress legally working in the U.S.

But his Bamboo Thai Bistro on Artesia Boulevard has become the subject of several blogs and social media chatter — and business is up — after a customer left an anti-immigrant message instead of a monetary tip for an Asian server on Nov. 11. The insult has since gone viral on the Internet.

A 15 percent tip would have been $3.43, but the male customer wrote “Tip for U.S. Citizens Only” on the tip line for his $22.84 receipt for kung pao spaghetti.

“It was really bizarre,” said the owner, who asked to be identified only as Adison. “She thought she did something wrong. She is one of the best workers here.”

The server, who is from Thailand and in the United States legally on a visa with the hope of obtaining a green card one day, did nothing wrong, Adison said.

The man ordered his food and got up and left.

“I went outside to go do something and, when I came back in, my waitresses were showing me the receipt,” Adison said. “This guy left this.”

Adison ran outside to find the customer, but he was long gone.

The restaurant owner thought nothing more about it until a photo of the receipt showed up on social media, including the site of Gina Darling, a popular YouTube star.

Adison suspects a customer took a photo of the bill and posted it.

“I don’t know how it got online to begin with,” he said. “I was worried he might come back and sue me.”

The story has since appeared on television and blog sites, where writers have expressed outrage. Adison did not spread the man’s name, but the blogs and Twitter have. It’s Jason Paul Naglich. And now he’s the target of the Internet venom.

One blog – thefrisky.com – called him a “garbage human” in a headline.

“This disgusting pig Jason Paul Naglich,” @modern_rock tweeted. “This was at Redondo Beach. Make this go viral to expose the coward.” The tweet was retweeted over and over.

Records show Naglich lives in Los Angeles. Attempts to contact him were not successful.

Adison said some customers and people who have read about the customer’s tip have sent in donations. About $60 has been raised. Adison said he’ll donate it to charity.

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