Warpaint Announce New Album and Release “New Song”

Warpaint-the Los Angeles indie band announced new album Heads Up and released  track ,”New Song” today morning.

The track titled New Track ,sounds a lot like ’90s disco,dream pop ,electronica dance music.It’s is definitely a new turn about for the band who is known for their softer alternative ,ambien like sound.

Heads Up follows up their second studio,self titled album Warpaint ,which was dominated for Pitchfork’s 2014 best albums.The album includes some of the band’s best work includes tracks such as Intro,Keep It Healthy,Biggy,Disco/Very and Love Is To Die For.


Heads Up was recorded with Rough Trade Records with recording artist Jacob Bercovici of 2008 Exquisite Corpse Ep.The band has added tour dates in support of the album which is out on September 23 and can be bought on Warpaint’s website.

Warpaint took a different initiative when recording Heads Up,the album was both recorded in recording studios as well as the band members own homes.For Heads Up Warpaint decided to each work both together and alone to compile Heads Up, that is said to be inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Bjork among others.

According to Pitchfork on an interview conducted on the band’s new individualistic recording style and sound Warpaint, drummer Stella Mozgawa said  ,”The doors were a little more open in  terms of what was accepted and what wasn’t ,because we were sharing ideas so rapidly between us” of their new recording approach to the record.

Warpaint members have taken initiative to work on solo side projects like bassist ,Jenny Lee Lindberg ,who released solo album Right On, recorded by Rough Trade and released on September 15 of last year .



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