Washington State Driver Ticketed for Using 'Zombie Baby' in Carpool Lane

Washington State Driver Ticketed for Using ‘Zombie Baby’ in Carpool Lane

A Washington state driver thought he could trick his way through the carpool lane — but cops weren’t fooled by his undead occupant.

Washington State Patrol said the man had buckled in a zombie baby doll — complete with a blood-smeared grin — in his car before crossing into the high-occupancy vehicle lane during the Tuesday morning commute on Interstate 5 near Tacoma.

But an eagle-eyed trooper caught the riding dead dummy — decked out in a pink onesie and black hat — in the passenger’s side.

Washington state Trooper Guy Gill said the violator was pulled over and given something far more scarier — a $136 ticket. But the man was let off the hook when the agency “gave him a break for not having a car seat,” Gill joked.

“At least he’s in the (Halloween) spirit,” Gill tweeted.

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