WATCH Kobe Bryant's 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Promo Video

WATCH Kobe Bryant’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Promo Video

The upcoming “Ghostbusters” movie has been getting mixed advance mutter. (I’m being my usual polite).

The first trailer was assailed by Kevin Smith, a director who’s had his own share of hits and misses. And even one of the movie’s stars, Melissa McCarthy, said it was confusing.

In an atmosphere of such angst, who are you going to call? Why, that famed performer Kobe Bryant.

The just-retired NBA star revealed on Thursday that he enjoys a cameo in an ad premiering on Thursday during the NBA finals.

There he is, all suited up in Ghostbusters gear and ready to what? Flop, perhaps? (I mean “flop” in the basketball sense, of course.)

Should you be surprised to see Bryant — not the most popular NBA star ever — in such a work of art, please don’t be.

He’s already declared he has artistic pretensions. He’s created a company to produce movies.

And who could forget the way he announced his retirement with a poem? Yes, an ode to basketball.

Surely his presence in this new “Ghostbusters” ad can only enhance the movie’s potential. You will be able to see for yourself when it’s released July 14 in Australia and July 15 in the US and UK.

The film, a reboot of the ’80s franchise, features an all-female crew of Ghostbusters and is directed by Paul Feig. I understand, however, that Bryant himself isn’t in the movie. He’s just a fan of the original.

I fancy this will be the first step toward Bryant taking on leading roles in other remakes. Or at least in ads for other remakes.

And no, I’m not thinking of something low level like “Space Jam.”

I’m thinking “A Star Is Born.” Or perhaps “Flash Gordon.”

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