Watch Lana del Rey's New Music Video for "Freak"

Watch Lana del Rey’s New Music Video for “Freak”

Lana del Rey is one of the most beloved acts in indie music today, including newcomer Halsey, who has already been a powerhouse with her song, “New Americana.”

I remember the first time I heard “Summertime Sadness” by Lana del Rey, but even before that, I had heard “Born to Die.” I found her voice calming and ethereal and her music generally unique.

Like a lot of the newer acts in music, Lana’s style, to me, seemed like it was not so easy to categorize. Regardless of that fact, Lana del Rey amazed me. With her other beloved songs, like “Gods and Monsters” and “Blue Jeans,” Lana Del Rey has become a popular cultural icon.

Anyway, so del Rey has already had albums like “Born to Die,” which featured “Summertime Sadness,” and her music, like “Young and Beautiful,” has served on soundtracks to movies like The Great Gatsby and Maleficent. She also had the album “Ultraviolence” which featured songs like “West Coast” and “Shades of Cool.” Her latest album, “Honeymoon,” features “Freak,” to which Lana del Rey enlisted fellow indie musician Father John Misty to accompany her for the music video.

Father John Misty is said to play Lana’s lover in the 11-minute video. The video, as described by many, is already being called delicate, filmy, and maybe even transparent in some ways. The video reportedly, is related to del Rey’s other music video for another song off the same album, “Music to Watch Boys To.”

The video, according to the Rolling Stone magazine article by Daniel Kreps, features nymphs, underwater scenes, and girls from the video for “Music to Watch Boys To.”

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