Ways to Increase Alpha Male Status–Physical Strength

Physical Strength

Let’s explore the aspects of physical strength and how you can begin to attain it.

Physical strength in the animal kingdom is needed for the protection of the pack. Lesser females and males follow the strongest leader for protection. Physical strength is needed for the male to provide food and shelter for the lesser of the pack as well as their own family. In the animal world, physical strength comes from the DNA of strong parents. Animals do not generally have exercise regiments or diet plans to shape their bodies or increase their stamina. Their DNA provides the road map and their eating habits are controlled by their instincts and the environment.

  1. Do you have an exercise plan? Do you even consciously think about exercise other than procrastinating about it?
  2. How do you think your alpha male role model began their exercise regimen?
  3. Everyone has to get from point a to point b every day. How far do you walk each day?

Not enough people in the world begin with this simple realization that sedentary lifestyles increase the chances of obesity, diabetes, depression, and general lack of confidence in themselves. Habits begin with simple changes. They must be conscious choices toward a goal such as attaining alpha male qualities.

Using an inexpensive pedometer can help you test the number of steps you normally take each day. In the average day, most people walk about 3000 steps. If you are not walking at least 3000 steps per day, you must strive to this level. Setting a reasonably increased goal can make reaching 3500 each day a reality. You should increase the goal slowly such as attempting 4000 steps each day. By continuing to increase the weekly goal, a person should reach 10,000 steps by the end of 14 weeks. Some pedometers will track daily patterns and download reports to a computer. If a tracking pedometer is not available, a notepad in your pocket to record your daily steps, a simple spreadsheet on a computer, or a list on paper can help you to track your success.

  • You can practice such things as parking further away from your destination instead parking as close as possible.
  • Walking through each aisle in a store or shopping center while shopping instead of going directly to the items on your shopping list.
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
  • Use designated times to walk such as lunch hours and breaks during the day.
  • Bicycle riding and uphill running can help increase cardiovascular strength and alpha male prowess.

Keeping in mind that any limitations due to back, joint, or bone weakness should be addressed by a doctor prior to beginning regiment.


Concept of Strength: Don’t You Feel Stronger and More in Control 


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Doctor injecting man on arm in hospital

For people, the concept of strength can be much harder to assign.

  1. Is a man considered to have alpha qualities for having normal the strength?
  2. By what measurement would we gauge what is normal?
  3. Should we break the categories down by age group, by nationality, or by other regional aspects?
  4. It is not so simple to state the reason men and boys are taught they must excel in sports or be chosen as the leader in dramatic arts?
  5. Should the continued well-being of the species be the only measurement cord by which we measure alpha manliness?

In order to address some of these issues, begin to think of ways to become healthier in all aspects of your life. Since ‘normal’ is such a hard issue to tie down, work to find the normal that is closest to your idea of an average healthy person of your age and strive to surpass that ‘normal’ level.

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