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What Is the Alpha Male?

Decide on if Being an Alpha Male is for You

Do you want to be an alpha male? The first step is to close your eyes and think of the people you know in person and know in media forms as alpha males. Write these names on a list. This will give you the first goals for your idea of an alpha male.

So how can a man aspire to become an alpha male when the expectations and definitions of alpha manhood can be so varied and subjective? Let us begin with some very basic aspects that involve almost everyone‘s idea of an alpha male role model. How does your list compare to our list?

Closeup of a thoughtful smart business executive with colleagues in the background
Closeup of a thoughtful smart business executive with colleagues in the background


Top 20 Alpha Males and Alpha Male Personas

  1. Your father or other relative.
  2. Your boss or other leader currently in your life.
  3. Other community leader
  4. President or other political leader
  5. Military leaders
  6. The persona of Chuck Norris
  7. The persona of James T Kirk (Star Trek)
  8. The persona of Han Solo (Star Wars)
  9. The persona of Rambo
  10. The persona of James Bond
  11. The persona of John Wayne Heroism
  12. Al Pacino
  13. Robert DeNiro
  14. Vin Diesl
  15. Dwaine (The Rock) Johnson
  16. Clint Eastwood Person and Persona
  17. Brad Pitt
  18. Samuel Jackson
  19. Lawrence Fishbourne
  20. Michael Jordan (Basketball)

What do each of these persons or personas have in common? Which are unique? Which do you already have? Which will you need to continue working on?

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