White Sox Adam LaRoche Retires After Team Says Son Not Allowed in Clubhouse

White Sox Adam LaRoche Retires After Team Says Son Not Allowed in Clubhouse

Adam LaRoche announced his retirement from the Chicago White Sox because club president Kenny Williams asked that he cut back on bringing his 14-year-old son into the clubhouse, Williams confirmed.

LaRoche, 36, walked away from the final $13 million on his two-year contract with the club, indicating he was retiring after a lengthy clubhouse meeting with teammates and staff. Later, he tweeted a retirement message finishing with the hashtag, #FamilyFirst.

Drake LaRoche has been a fixture in certain clubhouses as his dad’s 12-year career took him to six teams. He grew close to several Washington Nationals players during LaRoche’s four years with the club, and was referred to as the team’s “26th man” by bench coach Randy Knorr in a 2013 Washington Post profile.

Williams said that he merely asked LaRoche curtail Drake’s time in the clubhouse.

“All I asked him to do is dial it back, that was it,” Williams said. “Simply you have to make a decision from management perspective, or an organization at large. We went into this season saying to ourselves, ‘We going to commit and focus and not leave any stone unturned.’

“I decided to cut it back, it was not eliminated. I reiterated that to him and the team yesterday.

“Tell me where in America can you bring your child to work every day?”

LaRoche, who’s hit 255 career home runs, was coming off a season in which he hit .207 with 12 home runs, the most disappointing free agent acquisition among several for the White Sox in 2015.

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