Why Deadpool’s Naked Fight Scene Is Essential (Despite The Obvious)

Fangirls and boys, prayers are answered: Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that he will have a fighting scene a la Viggo Mortensen of “The Brutal Fight”. Why is that good news? According to the trailers there’s going to be dozens of brutal fights, why is one in particular so important when it’s just some strange off-the-cuff homage to a 2007 Cronenberg film? Because thirsty fanpeople, this fight is executed not in Deadpool’s typical full body super suit, but in Wade Wilson’s very own birthday suit.

Reynolds told a crowd, “I’m the youngest of four boys, so it’s not the first time I’ve fought another man naked in a burning building.” And about the homage to the nude fighting scene they’re referencing, “there’s nothing more frightening than trying to fight a nude man in a Russian sauna,” Reynolds continued. “That’s my version of just hell, I think, right there. Like, if a guy is willing to fight you totally naked, that guy’s nuts. If [I’m] punched in the penis, I’m down. The fight is over. Just take my life.”

The subtle homo eroticism of the scene is also reflected in a select few Deadpool advertisements. One of the main concerns of fans of the Deadpool comic series was that the super character’s sexuality would be ignored. Or not so much as ignored but hetero-centric. Deadpool is one of the few non-straight superheros in much of Marvel’s endless hero repertoire. As one of the most popular and decidedly bad-ass characters of the comic world, having him represent the massively under represented non-straight community (namely the pansexual community, to which Deadpool belongs) is a huge step in equal representation being taken by Marvel.

Being widely distributed, owned partly by Disney, and backed by a magnanimous marketing campaign, Deadpool is sure to stay on the radars as well as stay steady at the box office. So Deadpool’s in-your-face humor should translate to his in-you-face disdain for intolerance and nonacceptance. Having the title character have an open sexuality, and not have it impede on the hard core action of the film is such an amazing moment for LGTBA and other non-straight identifying individuals who never have to opportunity to see themselves in a character. Let alone, a super hero.

So that “R” rating is much appreciated. For Disney to back a foul mouthed, butt-naked, gun toting, dude kissing, disfigured Deadpool means there is hope for the valuable integrity behind the series. That “R” rating not just about blood, penis jokes, and nudity, it’s about making room in the industry to make progress. (Looking at you real hard now, Disney, because you have no excuse to not make Stormpilot happen!)


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