"Why do we Ignore pain until it can no longer be Ignored"

“Why do we Ignore pain until it can no longer be Ignored”

 Why ignore pain until it can no longer be ignored?

Pain is the opposite of relief, people  tend to pacify it with simple ineffective solutions that subsequently compound the problem. it is our human nature to shine it off, unconcerned with the potential ramifications of allowing it to remain untreated, slowly progressing in its intensity pain forces you to take action at this point your nerve endings are on fire, your discomfort can no longer be ignored. your mobility is compromised,   eclipsed is your effectiveness, and your ability to complete day-to day simple tasks. you are not your normal self. we must evaluate our life choices big and small.this is a very humbling experience in the midst of my pain i cried out to God, he formed me with his own hands, he knows me best.

He has the power to heal us, he sent me several warnings to make changes in my life.out of stubbornness and ignorance I ignored his voice. God often uses different rods to discipline his wayward children, circumstances, pain, people, God wants the very best for us, he wants to guide and protect us from dangers seen and unseen, discipline is one of his means to accomplish his purposes in our lives. we often ignore his voice until  we feel discomfort, pain is a mega-phone, it captures our attention instantly our full undivided  attention. Pain exposes our deepest vulnerabilities, we can no longer hide, we must face the facts motivated by our suffering we would not attain otherwise, this broadens the scope of our understanding and the realization of the actual reality of the physical conditions of our bodies, and are bodies limitations. In the process we are taught through our sufferings respect, consideration, and care. I know in my heart I have to make some improvements today.


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