Wild Tigers, an Endangered Species, Experiencing Growth in Numbers after 100 Years

Wild Tigers, an Endangered Species, Experiencing Growth in Numbers after 100 Years

Tigers are fierce, they’re vicious, they’re from the wild. These are notions we perpetuate regarding tigers, but they are animals, and I think we judge them too quickly.

Sure they have a menacing exterior, but they’re animals like koala, parrots, turtles, or other animals we do not initially have resentment for. By the way, I would like to add, these animals can also each be every dangerous, but we do not acknowledge that readily because they are irresistibly adorable animals at surface! Tigers even happen to be an endangered species, which is surprising due to their mainstream prevalence is an icon for fear and their existence that seems to transcend borders of death and such, as we do not readily talk about how tigers have been in decline.

Good news for animal lovers, though, is that after a century, tiger populations are actually not in decline. In fact, these populations are experiencing growth in their numbers!

According to Julie Kliegman’s article at Theweek.com, there is a total of 3,890 tigers worldwide now. This is the increase from 3,200 that previously existed back in 2010, which was initially reported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF.) Gene Hemley, the senior vice president of wildlife conservation there at WWF said the following, “This is a pivotal step in the recovery of one of the world’s most endangered and iconic species.”

The group, according to Julie Kliegman’s article, has a goal of raising these numbers within the tiger population to double the number of what it is now, by 2022.

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