Wiz Khalifa Drops 'No Permission' Official Video

Wiz Khalifa Drops ‘No Permission’ Official Video

Wiz Khalifa just released ‘No Permission’ New video and announced through his Facebook Page it will be dropping later today.. “Peep this for now.”

Possibly New York is Wiz Khalifa’s dream. The rapper was nearby to hit Saturday Night Live as the musical guest a weekend ago, yet before the appearance he released the Marvin Gaye-sampled “Good For Us.” On Tuesday, he dropped another song and video: “No Permission,” which demonstrates Khalifa blending with city inhabitants and chilling in a sufficiently bright passage approximately roused by Puff Daddy and Ma$e. The visuals aren’t convincing, however the over two moment ignitable bass attack (bassault?) is really breathtaking. Perhaps more great is that the video was likely shot in a day, as the rapper left his closet unaltered. Check out at the song and video underneath and comment below what you think of his new video so far?. Spoiler ready: Wiz blazes.


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