Woman Kills Twin by Driving Off a Cliff

Woman Kills Twin by Driving Off a Cliff

Officials in Maui are holding Alexandria Duval, also known as Alexandra Dadow, responsible for the death of her twin sister, Anastasia Duval, after a car wreck on May 29th left one of the sisters dead. According to prosecutors, Duval intentionally veered her Ford Explorer off of the Hana Highway into a large rock wall and then immediately over a 200-foot cliff in the Pu’uiki region of East Maui. The vehicle landed on a rocky shoreline where Anastasia Duval was pronounced dead at the scene. Alexandria Duval was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses claim that the twin sisters appeared to be in an argument before the crash. According to court documents, one witness states that Duval was in a rage before she made the “sudden sharp left turn into the rock wall and continue off the cliff.”

Court Documents also specify that, according to the vehicle’s airbag control module, Alexandria Duval made no attempt to brake before quickly accelerating into the rock wall and plummeting over the cliff onto the shoreline.

Members of Alexandria’s family and friends defend the woman by claiming that the twins shared an extremely close and loving relationship, both personally and professionally. The sisters had mutually opened multiple yoga studios throughout Florida and Utah, and the sisters had reportedly moved to the Maui area to invest in a new yoga business in the area.

However, the sisters history is questionable both personally and professionally. In 2014, the sisters left Florida without any notice, leaving their mutually-owned Florida yoga studio to close without proper notice to employees and clients. Their Utah yoga studio was quickly bankrupt within one year of opening. The two also have a criminal rap sheet which includes disorderly conduct, public intoxication, interfering with arrest, assault on a police officer, and driving under the influence.

Alexandria Duval is due in court this week for a preliminary hearing. She faces a second-degree murder charge.

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