Woman-Shaped Figure Spotted on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover took an image of the Red Planet and captured a shape that bears a vague resemblance to a ghost-lady walking on the planet’s surface.
That, or it looks EXACTLY like a clump of dirt.

This is the result of a very real psychological process known as “pareidolia” or, if you watch ghost-hunter shows, “matrixing”. This is the process by which the mind perceives a familiar pattern where there is none, results from our search for meaning in random information.
Think you see an image of a holy figure in your tortilla? It’s a result of both pareidolia and your strong belief in the existence of that holy figure.
People that are most likely to see a “ghost lady” on the surface of Mars are the people who are most likely to not just believe in, but are searching for proof of extraterrestrial life.
So which is it; clump or dirt or mysterious alien woman? Here is the raw image to help you decide….

course it could be the statue of a woman from a long dead Martian society – got to keep your options open.
Read the full story at mashable.com.

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